why telmie builds powerful links

How to build long-lasting professional relationships using Telmie Link

Share your Telmie link with your clients, current and prospective or advertise it on social media and through other channels.
Share your Telmie link with your clients, current and prospective or advertise it on social media and through other channels.
Understanding the Technological Gap

Studies show staying in touch with clients boosts trust, loyalty & long-term earnings

Recent findings, highlighted in Deloitte’s “The Four Factors of Trust” and studies from the “Journal of Services Marketing”, show that for professional service providers, consistent communication with clients is key to building trust, loyalty, and enhancing earnings.

Trust significantly influences client retention and financial success, underscoring the value of maintaining connections for long-term prosperity in professional services

Value your time and the time of your clients by engaging in meaningful paid conversations through the Telmie App

Communicating with your clients, booking appointments, and monetising the consequent services you provide is an important part of running an effective consultation business digitally.

The Telmie App is designed to facilitate the smooth and profitable running of your online business as a coaching monetisation tool. From the moment a Telmie Pro shares their link with a client to set up a consultation or training session, they are earning money by the minute. This is instant call monetisation – and unlike our competitors, Telmie does not subtract a hefty commission fee when you link with your customers.

Better yet, If a Telmie Pro withdraws their earnings in amounts over £1000, the Telmie App becomes entirely free to use – without withdrawal fees! – too. There is no clearer way to express that we at Telmie are devoted to the marketing and operation of your business, all oriented around meaningful conversations that benefit the lives of your customers. The professional advice you provide through our platform is valuable on an unimaginable, worldwide scale.

Find out more about Telmie’s real time monetisation by contacting us, today.

Telmie pricing

Pay no fees when you produce your own clients and transact with them via Telmie. A fee os charged for small withdrawals and for clients produced by Telmie.


fee on transactions produced by Pros


withdrawal fee on £1,000+ requests


monthly fee for the first 6 months, then £9.99 p/month


fee on transactions produced by Telmie


fee from transactions with corporate clients

How it works

Generate your unique Telmie Link in a few steps.

Install the Telmie app on your mobile device and register as a user in a few taps.

Install the Telmie app on your mobile device and register as a user in a few taps.


years on average – client retention on Telmie


average annual earning per Pro on Telmie


active clients per Pro on average


out of 5.0 rating for all active Pros on the platform

Join the Telmie Revolution Today

Ready to transform your professional engagements for the better?

Telmie’s app for consultants can help

The Telmie App’s unique ecosystem is entirely oriented around monetising your expertise, and offering this expertise to an audience that spans the globe. As an app for consultants, professionals, influencers, tutors, leadership coaches and more, there’s very few industries that the Telmie platform cannot aid, facilitating improved professional engagements in digital format.

When we say there is no limit to the long-lasting, meaningful and rewarding relationships that Telmie professionals can make with their clients, we mean it.

Our team members can even assist in improving your Telmie profile with keywords and advice on presenting information in a clear, concise and attractive way. Previously, we have compiled the latest tips existing Pros have found that have effectively boosted their profile and thus their connection to their focus market, establishing them as leading figures in their industries. Professionals can even include a video introduction on their Telmie Pro profile, which humanises your services, generating more actionable leads amongst Telmie’s scrolling customers.

The Telmie App is advertised towards professionals of all ages, backgrounds, income and education levels, location and gender – we strive not to limit our clients so that businesses can flourish online from countless different contexts. This is a 1 on 1 virtual session app targeted towards coaching, consultancy, training, advice and communication of all kinds; even strengths coaches can utilise our services to increase the athleticism of their clients through voice or video calls.

Rest assured, the Telmie App is also cost-effective – there is no fee on transactions or on larger withdrawal amounts. The use of links to connect with clients is also without a commission fee. We care about your enterprise.


Direct or scheduled calls and video sessions can be provided through Telmie, relating to any industry – as long as your services are legal and ethical.

Our Telmie Pros can operate from anywhere in the world! All you have to do is apply to become a Pro in your country, and immediately connect with a worldwide market eager to invest in your professional expertise.

The information you provide is ultimately up to you, but we recommend detailing your past experience, qualifications, and even your personality or demeanour – even small details can make your profile more personable and interesting.

The moment a Telmie customer presses that green call button on your profile and you are available, you will be promptly notified and offered the option to accept the call. All you have to do is press a button, too.

Absolutely! Use the Telmie booking system to enable clients to book with you. Determine your availability in your Pro Settings. After doing so, clients can book a time to call you depending on the time slots shown in your calendar.

Withdraw money from your Telmie balance by making a request on the page. Our team will process this request, and you will get paid directly into the bank account you have given us details for.